Soya Milk 1L
Soya Milk 1L

Soyfit Soya Milk (Natural)-1Ltr (Only For Mumbai)


 Health Benefits :
  It is cholesterol free product.
  Highly rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.
  Lactose free.
  Highly digestible and nutritious alternative of dairy and meat cantered diet.


Soya Bean,Water,Salt

Best Before 3 Month From the Date of Manufacture

Available Only in Mumbai


Product Description

Soymilk is an aqueous extraction of the soybean resembling milk. The nutritional composition, appearance, and flavor of good quality soymilk is remarkably similar to that of cow’s milk.Soymilk has been known in mainland China for centuries. Soymilk is used as a breakfast beverage in mainland China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. And now its use in Europe and USA and in latin Ameriaca is extensive for balanced and healthy diet. Alternatively, it can be made into yogurt (curd) or tofu (paneer) or used directly in cooking.

There are various flavours available of the Soyfit – Soya Milk like Chocolate,Banana,Strawberry,Mango,Pista,Vanilla,Plain.

Soyabean, water,salt,sugar,permitted flavours and colours.
No preservatives used.

  How to store ?
Soyfit Soymilk is having durability of one year without refrigeration. However before drinking you can refrigerate it from 3-5 degree Celsius to have a chill and blended flavour taste. Freezing is not at all necessary and recommended. Shake well before serve.

  When and where to use ?
You can use Soyfit soymilk to anywhere at anytime. In the Breakfast , during the lunch ,during the evening refreshment or in the evening dinner. You can use it while in the travelling

In the picnics, in daily hectic schedule anytime anyday Its hygienic and quality manufacturing will only deliver health and health and health anytime anywhere anyday.


Additional Information

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